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The EXT Port is a general purpose connector on the bottom of the GP2X console. It is a 24 pin high density connector as used on some Samsung and LG mobile phones. The EXT port features USB, TV output (S-Video), serial I/O, audio output, JTAG and 3.3V power. The MK2 has been confirmed NOT to supply 5 volt but also 3.3, it is claimed that the second revision MK2 supplies 5 volt. These were produced since July/August 2006. This is currently under investigation pending confirmation.



Pinout as seen looking from the front, towards the EXT socket on the GP2X.

2. TV_SND_R 10. USBH1+ 18. JTAG [TRS]
3. TV_SND_L 11. USBD- 19. nRESET
4. SV_OUT_C 12. USBD+ 20. +3.3V
5. SV_OUT_Y 13. GND 21. +3.3V


7. GND_TV 15. JTAG [TCK] 23. TXD0 / GPD1
8. GND_TV 16 JTAG [TMS] 24. GND

NOTE: This pinout is of the GP2X's EXT connector, not the end of an EXT cable.

F200: Despite rumours elsewhere to the contrary, the GP2X-F200 has been proven to provide only +3.3VDC, not +5VDC to pins 20 and 21

TORPOR: The product description for this connector is "B340/SPH-V8250/B4100" and the part # for the connector is A11-577-2401, which can be searched for on this page: http://www.walta.com.tw/


The best available option seem to be to get a USB/serial datacable for the Samsung S810 mobile phone. See also: EXT Port Connectors.
The connector itself is available from ipmart.com (as of 9/10/2010).

USB Host

The EXT port supports USB host. See USB Host for details.

Serial I/O

The EXT port supports TTL serial. See Serial Cable for details.

Break out box

Schematics to create a break out box for the EXT port have been published. See USB Host BoB Schematic for details.

Mk2 GP2X Reset

On the Mk2 GP2X, the function of pin 19 has changed, and it no longer resets the GP2X. Its new function has something to do with the battery voltage, but it's not clear what the function is at the moment.

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