Samsung E810 Cable Key Variations

It appears that not all E810 cables are equal. Granted I did expect there to be different colours and shapes but it appears that there are variations in the actual keying plastic surrounding the plug. For example on the page, Sweetlilmre only had to shave off some plastic from his grey plastic plug. The cable I received requires more changes.

It does beg the question, does the Samsung E810 Phone socket itself come in different socket key configurations? If so, we have our work cut out to locate the perfect cable.

This chart will first show a standard GP2X ext plug (from a TV cable) to illustrate what we are all after. The following section will show the cable I purchased. Others may like to add to this page their purchased cables for reference. I would like to see closeup shots of the plug Sweetlilmre had before it was shaved back for reference.

GP2X Ext Port Cable

This is the standard GP2X ext port cable. Note the three grooves in the underside of the plug head. Also note the thickness of the plastic head that sits in front of the metal arms on the sides of the plug.

GP2X Standard Ext Plug Key

The pins are shown below here just to illustrate how many are available in the GP2X->TV cable. This is so you are aware that you will want a cable with all pins present depending on what you want to do with your cable.

GP2X Standard Ext TV Pins

t-dimension1 / SAM (F) E810 Cable

I have named this cable as above simply because it was purchased from an ebay dealer out of Hong Kong with that as his ebay username. I don't particularly want appear to advertise for him but because these cables are "generic" it gets hard to label. The box was generic though it did come with a Samsung CD. Finally, the USB end has a sticker marked "SAM (F) E810". Hopefully this makes it somewhat unique compared to other Samsung E810 cable types.

Note the two grooves in the underside of the plug head as compared to the desired three of the GP2X. Also note the thickness of the plastic head that sits in front of the metal arms on the sides of the plug. It is twice as thick and will need to be shaved back. All three grooves are going to have to be cut into the plastic

t-dimension1 E810 Plug Key

It is worth noting that all pins are present here and this makes it an excellent base for projects.

t-dimension1 E810 Pins


Are all E810 cables keyed as the t-dimension1 cable? Was Sweetlilmre's grey cable? Both are close to the GP2X cable. They are the same basic object but have been keyed differently. So it is not the exact cable if you are unable to cut your own grooves and modify. The one advantage of this cable is that all pins are present.

My intention is to build a USB to EXT cable so that I can plug in a USB keyboard. More accurately an AlphaGrip AG-5 which would well suit for portable typing. This article will serve as the basis for showing how I chop up the cable and work it all out based on other articles.

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