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The EXT_Port uses a connector often used with mobile phones. This page lists confirmed fitting connectors and possibly/impossibly fitting connectors.


EXT Port connector pinout

This is the pinout for the EXT connector from the back:

EXT connector pinout

Scheme of GP2X TV out cable, rear view:

Gp2x tv cable pins.jpg

Scheme of artaylor's EXT connector, rear view:

   _______    _______

  3   7  11  15  19  23
1   5   9  13  17  21
  4   8  12  16  20  24
2   6  10  14  18  22

Confirmed fitting connectors

  • A720
  • E810 - Samsung cell-phone USB/serial cable. See this page for some more details.
  • E720
  • P730
  • LG 8110

NOTE from torpor: I bought a Samsung E810 Serial->Device connector for the excellent EXT2 edge connector it provides (all pins, nice easy access shell) and my hardware buddy remapped the pins to match the GP2X pinout .. using a MAX3232-based circuit to connect TTL->RS232, I now have a console on my GP2X for continued work!

NOTE from art103: I also bought an E810 cable from eBay - the connector I received does not fit - cutting the side off, so the pins are visible lets it fit (and work).
The LG 8110 cable I bought from eBay had the exact notch encoding, but did not come with all pins!

NOTE from hannes: My E810 cable from ebay had a different encoding (plastic dents/notches) on the bottom of the connector, thus making it impossible to insert. Filing these encodings off worked - however the locking hooks got bent a little and detaching the cable took some brute force :)

NOTE from hilary: I brought a E810 to USB Cable at Hong Kong. It fits GP2X Connector and can modify become a USB-To-Serial Cable for GP2X. The cable got a Prolific 2303HX IC. It is good for people who don't serial port at their computers (like notebook). :P

Potentially fitting connectors

SGH-X800 SGH-E730
S341i E620
SGH-E760 E810
S342i SGH-X660
P730 SGH-E860V

These are not confirmed, but they should work.

According to this page, the only Samsung models that are likely to have cables with the same 24 pin connector as the 2X are:

connector connector connector connector
Z130 E720 z105 SGH-P777
Z140 E810    
ZM60 P730    

This serial cable may also work but I cannot find any information on the pinouts for any of the phones that it supports (LG VX4650 / LG VX8000 / LG VX8100 / LG VX4700 / LG VX6100)


CaptainReboot 23/02/08 The USB cable which comes with a Samsung YP-K5J 1GB MP3 player fits perfectly. I have not yet found any information regarding the pinouts which are pins 6, 9, 10, 13, 15, 20, 21 on the console end. Here are some photos of my cable:

YP-K5J - Cable Photo 1 YP-K5J - Cable Photo 2 YP-K5J - Cable Photo 3 Cable plugged into an F-200

NirJ 03/03/08
The cable for charging my LG CU400 phone seems to fit perfectly as well. I'll try and get some pictures up soon. There seem to be 4 available pins in this particular connector, probably for USB on the phone, but I don't know what pins in the EXT port they line up with.
EDIT 12/03/08: This connector has the same three notches as the GP2X connector. They seem to be the exact same connector when I put them side by side (once again, pictures coming soon). I plugged the charging cable for my LG CU400 into my gp2x and the gp2x actually turned on and ran smoothly for the few seconds I had it on that way, despite the power switch on the GP2X being off. However, the battery light was red. This leads me to believe the powering pins on the phone are the same as those on the gp2x (not sure what pin this would be...maybe +3.3V?), but the phone charger outputs a different voltage/current than the gp2x requires. I just find this interesting as I haven't read any sucessful reports with anything other than 8xxx models...

Confirmed not fitting connectors

  • D500
  • E700
  • E730
  • E715
  • Z500
  • Sagem S341i
  • (myX5-2 with iMode)
  • X700

Connector Manufacturer

The manufacturer of the connection is not yet known. Although similar to the Hirose ST Series connector, it is slightly smaller and less wide.

Where to obtain the connector itself

Torpor has found a manufactuer for the connector. Minimum order quantity is 1,000. Shipping is approximately $50.

http://scm.asianproducts.com/clients/showproducts_A9843669868226__A1037188009156.html This site reads "under construction" as of July 2006.

Possible Alternate Connector Sources

Since the above site still looks as dead as Elvis, here are some alternative sources:

Sheng Yih Technologies Co Ltd (http://tinyurl.com/yjrxgy)
-look at the connector and compare it to the one used in the Samsung serial cable (http://wiki.gp2x.org/wiki/SamsungE810Cable)

Walta Electronic Co. Ltd (http://tinyurl.com/yc3cs8)
-this one looks a whole lot like the one used in the cables at http://www.artaylor.co.uk/gp2x/
-Art103: The ones used in my cables were from sklep.e-gsm.pl (below).

I can try and get samples, but it may take a while. Can anyone else confirm or disprove the viability of either of these connectors as suitable for EXT port use?
--Mpfleger 23:22, 14 October 2006 (PDT)

I can *confirm* that the MALTA connectors work - last year I ordered 20 of them, and they are perfect for the GP2X. They work very well.
--torpor 12:38, 26 October 2007 (PDT)

ARTaylor.co.uk (http://www.artaylor.co.uk/gp2x/)
These are the same ones used in my cables.

sklep.e-gsm.pl (http://sklep.e-gsm.pl)
Search for "lg 8xxx" Watch out for the 30EUR postage...

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