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The book reader included in firmware 3.0.0 is stable, fast, can use TTF fonts, and has bookmarks. I like ProFontTweaked. This reader will not re-wrap paragraphs or render HTML.

Ideally, I would like a basic web browser like lynx for the gp2x; something that would follow local hyperlinks and render well formed HTML to readable text. There is a port of links to the gp2x but it is clunky and requires horizontal scrolling in addition to the normal vertical scrolling.

!reader2x renders HTML and has text search. However, it crashes at times, has slow page flipping, lacks book marks, and renders unrecognized HTML character entities as semicolons. The recent files dialog will sometimes resume where you left off, but this feature seems flakey.

To my surprise I've seen these kind of issues in most of the third party gp2x book readers. The built in reader seems to be the best. I would settle for the following features:

  • stability
  • fast page flipping
  • if it does not have a readable font, then it can select one
  • if it does not have book marks, then it can skip to a page
  • if it does not render HTML, then it re-wraps paragraphs


To set the font in the gp2x book reader, press A for the display settings, press down to highlight the font box, press A, select SD-Card, press B, select ProFontWindows.ttf, press B, and press B again to Apply.

wget http://web.archive.org/web/20070602143143/http://vrinimi.org/rainbowsend.html
lynx -display_charset=US-ASCII -dump -width=52 rainbowsend.html >rainbowsend-gp2x.txt

Fetch, pre-render, and copy rainbowsend-gp2x.txt to your SD card.

wget http://www.gutenberg.org/files/18310/18310.zip
unzip 18310.zip
tr -d '\r' <18310.txt | fmt -w 52 | fold -w 52 >18310-gp2x.txt

Fetch, extract, re-wrap, and copy 18310-gp2x.txt to your SD card.

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