ST-Sound GP2X

ST-Sound GP2X
Download(s) (archive)
Developer(s) bja
Version 0.3b2

ST-Sound GP2X is a YM/SC68/SNDH music player for the GP2X. It uses the STSound engine from Arnaud Carre ( for playing YM files and SC68 for SC68 and SNDH files. The GUI is based on Aylet.gp2x by ParkyDR.

Version history

Version 0.3b2
  • Fixed playlist update when track and tune changes.
Version 0.3b1
  • Added playlist support (toggle with R-key).
  • Increased playback volume of ym files (customizable through command line).
  • Added command line options for buffer size, ym volume, and frame delay.
  • SNDH files dosen't freeze at end.
  • Fixed some buffering problems (much improved playback)
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