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Ultima VII on the GP2X using Exult.
Download (archive)
Original Developer Project Site
Ported By Puck2099
Version RC1
Status Released and playable

Exult is an open source game interpreter which enables Ultima 7™ to be playable on modern operating systems. Exult can run both part I (The Black Gate™) and part II (Island Snake™), in addition, Exult is also compatible with the add-on for part I (The Forge of Virtue™) and part II (The Silver Seed™).

The GP2x version was ported by Israel Lopez Fernandez (Puck2099)

A video of Exult playing on TV-Out is available at YouTube.



The game is currently beta, it's playable but virtual keyboard hasn't been implemented yet. You can download the source code here.


  1. Download the package from the GP2x website and extract the contents in the root of your SD card.
  2. In order to have the game working properly you must have the SDL libraries installed. You can download the libraries here.
  3. Copy the original games files into a seperate folder that corresponds to the version of the game. For example, "Ultima7: The Black Gate" contents go into "exult/blackgate".
  4. To enable music, download the following files, MusicOGG_1of2.zip and MusicOGG_2of2.zip, and extract them in the directory "exult/data/music".
  5. To enable sound, download the following files, jmsfx.zip and jmsfxi.zip, and extract them in the directory "exult/data".
  6. To play the game, simply launch "exult.gpe". Enjoy!


Control cursor/party movement.
Right click.
Left click.
Toggle Combat.
Show Inventory.
Joystick Click 
Show button configuration.
Change control mode from mouse cursor to direct party movement.
Game menu.
R + Joystick 
Increase cursor/group movement speed.
R + X 
Show map.
R + Y 
Show spellbook.
Show face stats.
Show stats.
L + Joystick 
Move the cursor or party slower.
L + A 
Use keys.
L + B 
Use picklocks.
L + X 
Eat food.
L + Y 
Display gold.
Save game menu.
L + VOL+ 
Increase screen brightness.
L + VOL- 
Decrease screen brightness.
L + R + CLICK 
Quit game.
L + R + VOL- 
Quick save.
L + R + VOL+ 
Quick load.


  • Did the team of Exult also work hard to create a level editor, Exult Studio, and a script compiler; which will make it possible to the users to create their own RPG in the Ultima style?

Version History

  • RC1:
    • Fixed (I hope) bug that causes savegames corruptions in some cases.
    • Added volume control using buttons VOL+ and VOL- (thanks to Rlyeh's minilibs).
    • Reduced delays in sound effects.
  • Beta 4:
    • Correction of the graphic problem which corrupted posting (thank you in Willem Jan Palenstijn for the TEAM Exult), now one sees perfectly.
    • Correction of a bug which empèchait the launching of Snake Isle (It A is enough to decontaminate the intros in the principal menu to be able to play).
    • Addition of the support of the sound for the sound effects.
    • Addition possibility of describing some characters with buttons X and Y in the screen of savestates (now one can save in individual slots in the place to use the quicksaves).
    • Change of the absolute ways by the relative ones (now one can copy the Exult directory anywhere from SD, more only with the root of SD).
    • Addition of the L+Joystick function which allows a slower movement of the cursor

of the mouse to use very small objects (clées, knives, rings...).

    • Addition of function L+A to test the clée available ones on a door or

a closed gate (as that plus need to seek chaques clée with to see which is the maid).

    • While appuiant on button CLICK of Joystick one obtains a screen with all the combinations of the buttons.
  • Beta 3 (New Year's edition):
    • Change of the way by defect of the files of

configuration, now one directly reads SD without writing in the NAND.

    • Correction of a problem which did not let begin the play

because one could not write the name of the character. As currently there is no keyboard vituel one will always use the name "Misadventure". - Addition of the emulation of the mouse and racourcis keyboard (now one can play).

  • Beta 2:
    • Addition of the emulation of the keyboard in the menus,

now one can inicialiser the play without having to use Sterm.

  • Beta 1:
    • First version available.
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