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Download(s) (archive)
Developer(s) G.o.D
Version 1.3
Status Released
Webpage http://www.sf.net/projects/pv2x

pv2x is an slideshow image viewer.


  • scans recursively into directory
  • supports bmp, gif, jpeg, pcx, png, ppm, tga and xpm via SDL_Image
  • plugin system for fade over effects (default: none, random, transparent fade, scroll over, wipe over, flame, sinus scroll left/right, zoom in/out, rotozoom in/out)
  • 3 different scale modes (vertical, horizontal, fit best)
  • displays in random or alphabetical order
  • saves config
  • delay for fade and image.


  1. Extract the archive where you want on your SD.
  2. Launch "pv2x.gpe".


  • START : Enters "config" dialog.
  • SELECT : Exit.
  • L/R : Skip image.
  • In "config" dialog:
    • Joy UP/DOWN : Move cursor.
    • Joy LEFT/RIGHT : Change values.
    • START : Start slideshow.
  • In "path selection" dialog:
    • B/FIRE : Change directory.
    • X/START : Select highligted directory for viewing.
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