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Screenshot of CPU/LCD-Tweaker
Download(s) (archive)
Developer(s) god_at_hell, Hermes/PS2Reality, Robster, Vimacs
Version 1.3
Status Released

CPU/LCD-Tweaker is a useful tool where you can change the CPU-speed and the LCD-timings to remove those nasty ghost-lines and flickering.


  1. Simply download the file from the archive and extract it to anywhere you like on the SD card.
  2. To start the tool simply launch the .gpe file.


"On Firmware 1.4 you can't alter the cpu-speed with the menu. You have to write scripts for every application you want to overclock. That's because the menu from fw 1.4 clocks the GP2x down for filebrowsing and back up to 200mhz when you start a program ... so it overwrites the tweaker-values." - God_At_Hell

Version History

Update to Version 1.3: - added gamma-control

Update to version 1.2: - added pictureviewer to use test-pictures - removed div-setting, because it caused some instabilities - removed hardcoded array for CPU-Clock Settings - added CPU-clock finetune as replacement for div - busted some bugs ... but.. for sure i made new ones :)

Update to version 1.1c: I messed some things up with the 1.1b version. It seems it was a very unstable one. This should be better. - commandline and menue don't use the same exit-function any more.

Update to version 1.1b: - fixed the issue, that you can not run any program after the tool, when you run it from GPU.

Update to version 1.1 ... new in this version: - merged to one version - using commandline-options - cleaning up the code (indend was really necessary) - fixed some issues - added output - removed "disable_940t()", because it doesn't do anything.

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