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Developer(s) Exophase
zodttd & Exophase
Version 09-2Xb_3
Status Beta
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Fully Compatible

gpSP is a GBA emulator, ported by ZodTTD (the original emulator for PSP was by Exophase, who is now a major contributor to the gpSP2X project).

Many games already run very fast at 200mhz with sound and some frameskip.



  1. Place the "gpsp.gpe" file(s), mmuhack.o and "game_config.txt" file in a directory on your SD card which will be used with the GP2X for running gpSP.
  2. Place your GBA BIOS (See Notes below for help) in the same directory from step 1. This file must be named "gba_bios.bin" in all lowercase as shown, so rename it if needed.
  3. Place your GBA games in the directory from step 1. These files should have a ".gba" or ".bin" file extension. Zip compressed games should be supported and are recognized with the ".zip" file extension but do not use zipped file for large rom (32MB).
  4. Done. Run gpsp.gpe.


In game (default)

Left Trigger 
Left Trigger
Right Trigger 
Right Trigger
Vol+ & Vol - 
Vol+ / Vol- 
Increase / Reduce the volume.
Joy button 

In Menu

Cancel or when on the first menu screen quit the menu.
Returne one director level up in the file selector.

Control Notes

To quit the game, choose "Exit gpSP" within the menu.

When gpSP is run, you are presented with the option to overclock your GP2X. Use the L/R trigger buttons to change the CPU clockspeed and press START to continue. If you do not want to overclock, press START without using L/R. You will now be presented with a menu to choose a game. Press the "In Menu" SELECT button (shown above) to pick a game to load.

If you would like to test gpSP for the GP2X with a homebrew (free public domain) game, a game by Russ Prince works very well with gpSP for GP2X's initial release. It is called Bust-A-Move [1] and is a remake of the classic game it's named after.


GBA Bios

There has been a rumor that a majority of the issues regarding crashes and incompatibility was related to the BIOS rom. This has never been confirmed for sure but a major bug was recently found and fixed which dramatically improved stability. The BIOS md5sum listed here is for the BIOS actually in GBAs and is as accurate as you'll get, (if you have a GBA and a flashcart you can dump it yourself, see

If you have md5sum you can check if it has this hash: a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6

I think that some others work fine too, although I haven't confirmed this with absolute certainty. It's also theoretically possible to use custom (and free) BIOS replacements, but I don't know of any publicly available ones. Try google :)

In future releases loading the proper BIOS will not be a problem


When you press the joystick button the framecounter display in the upper left of the screen. xx(XX) where xx is the actual frame displayed on the GP2x screen and XX is the number of the real frame calculated from the GBA. Exemple: If you have 60(60) you are emulating a game at the real speed like the real GBA. If you have 60(42) with automatic Frameskip, you have fullspeed game but dropping some frames (18 on the exemple).


  • 0.9-2xb-2 (unofficial build by notaz) - 14/05/2007:
    • Use of mmuhack.o from Picodrive to add some more FPS.
    • Added code to flush CPU cache for correct mmuhack operation.
  • 0.9-2xb-1 fixed (unofficial build by notaz) - 07/05/2007:
    • fixed the sound buffer race condition bug
  • 0.9-2xb - 09/04/2007:
    • Fixed some bugs stunting compatability.
    • Optimized alpha blends in renderer.
    • Some more optimizations to dynarec output.
    • Savestates should work better now.
    • Cheat/misc menu won't crash the emulator.
    • Main button config window works (not all buttons are in yet)
  • 0.9-2xa - 01/04/2007:
    • Redid autoframeskip. Should work more reliably.
    • Rewrote dynamic recompiler from x86 source (arm_emit.h, arm_stub.S). Has some more sophisticated behavior than the last version, more is still to come... Should notice a slight speed improvement over the last version.
    • Tweaked GUI to be a little more useable. Buttons are now mirroring the PSP version's.
    • Code unification + cleanup amongst versions.
  • v9008 - 17/03/2007 last build from zodttd:
    • Updated the way autoframeskip works. Should be better now. Still has a max frameskip value.
    • Added a slight performance increase to the dynarec.
    • Added sync() to make sure files such as savestates and in-game saves are saved properly to the GP2X.
  • v9007 - 16/03/2007:
    • Fixed a large compatibility issue with the dynarec. Many more games working and working better.
    • Removed the need for gpsp.cfg during installation. It's now created with the correct defaults.
    • Hopefully a better autoframeskip.
  • v9006 - 15/03/2007:
    • First public version.
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