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Developer(s) JyCet
Version 0.4.7
Status Stable
Webpage gp32x.com board post

ENEXFI is a little graphical file manager.


  • Supported functions:
    • explore a full sd (no size limit) or full nand (if unlocked in the .ini file).
    • delete a file or an empty folder
    • copy a file (for a big one use a sd card reader)
    • rename a file or a folder
    • move a file or a folder
    • create a folder
    • run GPE or GPU at your selected speed
    • run a file with another at your selected speed
    • run an assossiated file at your selected speed (look inside enexfi.efa)
    • display free sd space abd sd size
    • choose your start folder
    • sort in 4 type (look in preference)
    • display files sizes or dates or hours
    • display curent folder
    • 2D scrolling bar
    • speed choice (66MHz by default)
    • repeat delay choice
    • associated files support
    • program to launch at enexfi quit (directly in enexfi.ini (quit_program))
    • keys reconfiguartion with only ABXY (directly in enexfi.ini)
    • shadows setting
    • skin support (./skin/yourfolder) (bg.png,fonte.png,icones.png,outils.png)
    • multilanguage support (./lng/yourlanguage.lng)
  • Futur supported functions:
    • multiselection
    • delete a not empty folder
    • copy a folder
    • PageUp & PageDown with L & R
  • Never supported functions:
    • Mouse emulation
    • UNDO function


  • Start : quit (double start for a quick quit)
  • Select : preference menu
  • A or Joy Click : browse or launch supported extension
  • B : use a tool or validate
  • X : change tool
    (planed Y for multiselection and L&R pageup&down)
  • Vol+/- : not used.

You can change the controls for the A, B, X and Y button in the "enexfi.ini" file.

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