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Developer(s) User:coder_gp2x
Version 0.4
Status Released
Webpage Project Site

GReader2X is a configurable text reader for the GP2X.


  • Fully configurable via built in routines.
  • Backgrounfd and foreground colour are user definable.
  • Can use any Truetype Font.
  • Font size and Bold attribute can be user specified.
  • All keys can be redefined.
  • Will remember your place in the document.
  • Will remember the last opened document and reload it on startup.
  • Can display text left or fully justified.
  • Can read documents from Zip files.
  • Can display a background image.
  • Can reformat Gutenburg texts automatically.
  • Can convert Extended Characters
  • Allows multiple keys for each action
  • Screen Rotate
  • Zip Archive Handling
  • Audio Player
  • International Language Support
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