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Screenshot of D1X-Rebirth
Download (archive)
Original Developer Parallax Software
Ported By Zico
Version 0.50a
Webpage DXX-Rebirth Home
Status Released and playable

D1X-Rebirth is an adaptation of the engine of the DOS game Descent made by Zico for Linux. It runs very nice at 250mhz with sound.

Descent is a 3D first-person shooter video game noted for popularizing the use of true 3D rendering technology and providing the player with six full degrees of freedom (often abbreviated "6DOF") to move and to look around.



  • Copy all the files from the archive to a directory of your SD card
  • Copy the files "descent.hog" and "descent.pig" from your Descent CD to this directory as well
    (please note these files MUST be lowercase)
  • The files need to be v1.4. If you own v1.0, download a patch for Windows or Linux at the DXX-Rebirth homepage
  • Run d1x-rebirth_cockpit or d1x-rebirth_fullscreen to run the game
  • See buttonmap.txt for a list of keys and combos



Pitch Forward Stick Up
Pitch Backward Stick Down
Turn Left Stick Left
Turn Right Stick Right
Accelerate Y
Reverse X
Slide On B
Bank On A


Fire Primary R
Fire Secondary L
Cycle Primary Select + L
Cycle Secondary Select + R
Fire Flare A + R
Drop Bomb A + B


Automap A + X
Save Game Start + Select
Main Menu/Pause Start
Increase/Decrease Volume Vol +/-


Make Selection B
Cancel/Previous Menu Start


  • The game runs smoother in Cockpit-mode but you have also the choice to select a higher cpu speed from the main menu. Be aware that this value will not be saved.
  • If you save a game please quit the game normally or your save state may be corrupted.
  • Please report any bugs to zico AT unixboard.de or the DXX-Forum found at http://www.dxx-rebirth.de.


Descent screen pc 001.jpg

Beta Video (recorded through TV-Out)

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