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Download(s) (archive)
Developer(s) ^MiSaTo^ & Puck2099
Version beta02
Status Beta
Webpage ^MiSaTo^'s Site & Puck2099's Site

WS2X is a Wonderswan (mono, color and swancrystal) emulator for GP2X. It's made by ^MiSaTo^ (interface) and Puck2099 (core).



  1. Unrar the archive in the root of your SD (/mnt/sd/ws2x).
  2. Place the roms in "/mnt/sd/ws2x/roms". The roms extensions may have .ws, .wsc or .zip. Due this is a beta, there's a rom limitation, only to 13 roms. If you put more than 13 roms in the rom folder, they won't be shown. It will be fixed in next releases.
  3. Exec "gui.gpe" to launch the emulator. Also, ws2x uses autoframeskip, that means all games are working at full speed but with variable frameskip between 1 and 4.


In Menu

  • B : select rom and options.
  • L : exit to gp2x's menu.
  • Joy right : change options.

In Game

  • A, B, & START : Wonderswan respective buttons.
  • Joystick : joystick.
  • Vol +/- : Increases/Decreases the volume.
  • L+R : exits the emu.

Known Bugs

  • Sometimes there's a "distortion" on the right of the screen, but gameplay is not affected.
  • Vertical mode controls doesn't work properly.
  • Background in mono games is sometimes "strange".
  • Sometimes it crashes when you exit the emu.
  • Sometimes there are changed colors in sprites.
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