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Aurora theme for Squidge SNES.
Download (archive)
Developer Squidge, Reesy, Pepone, notaz
Version v0.392
Webpage Squidge's Site, currently under construction
Status Released and playable

SquidgeSNES is a SNES emulator created by Squidge.



  1. Choose a directory on your SD card and unpack the archive directly to it.
  2. Copy roms into the “roms” directory.

Note that the “skin” and “roms” directory must be present in the same directory as the executable (squidgesnes.gpe)

You can also put your ROMs in “roms\snes” then in the options have 'Use absolute rom dir' unchecked.

Command line usage

If you wish to use the emulator in the command line, you must use the following arguments:

  • nrtm - /usr/gp2x/gp2xmenu does not charge while leaving.
  • loadrom=<Rom> - <Rom> loads automatically with launching.

Example: squidgesnes.gpe nrtm loadrom=roms/maRom.smc

Hacked Version By Reesy

See the GP32x Forum for more info.

"I've been hacking at Squidges snes emulator, mainly to try and sort out the sound. It took me bloody ages to work out that stereo rendering is broken in the source code. I've not found the exact problem yet, so I have just disabled stereo rendering which gives us a temporary fix.

While I was fixing the sound I also added zipped rom support and also added support for quad frame buffering while in 16bit mode, this is still very much WIP but it works pretty well for the most part. I've also added auto-frame skip, there is no way to current switch this off at the moment as I've not looked at Squidges menu in much detail so I have no idea how to add extra menu options.

I've released 2 versions of the emulator, 1 has squidges original settings and 1 has Yoyo's GP32 hack settings. Again once, when I get to grips with squidges menu system these hack settings will be configurable from the menu but for now you will just have to have to binaries."

To Do

  1. [improved in 0.38] Sprite priorities
  2. [done in 0.39] Rewrite sound outputing code
  3. [done in 0.39] Integrate the SPC700 asm core
  4. [done in 0.39] add another faster shortcut (L+R+Start) for menu
  5. [fixed in 0.39] The "Vol Min" or "Vol Max" text comes up in the middle of the screen out of nowhere and annoys people
  6. [fixed in 0.39] In some games the picture is not center
  7. [fixed in 0.39] Frameskip seems to be set at auto no matter what you choose.
  8. [fixed in 0.39] ROMs do not start from command line
  9. [fixed in 0.39] CPU speed would better be choosable in increments of 5
  10. Tecmo Super Bowl III: helmets when selecting a team are all red
  11. [?] Megaman 7: messy after the intro, the graphics become garbled [it's custom chip emulation broken?]
  12. Equinox: sprite layers slightly wrong. Your character sometimes appears in front of objects when he is really behind them.
  13. Mario Kart map screen: sprite priority problems
  14. Gradius 3 US: when you're trying to select a type for your ship, the other types are invisible instead of grayed out until you highlight them.
  15. Crono Trigger: sometimes after a fight, the sprites gets alot of random sprites around them
  16. Super Metroid 2nd level, after Cirrus Station: just keep going down the level and you'll eventually hit a section that is completely black
  17. [fixed in 0.39 but unplayably slow w/gfx corruptions] Yoshi's Island: needs SuperFX emulation, which is now broken
  18. Super mario RPG: needs SA-1 emulation, which is now broken
  19. Street Fighter Alpha 2: needs S-DD1 emulation, which is now broken


Upon startup, a menu will show. The following key sequences are recognized:

Menu escape - Goes back a menu, returns to game if one is playing or the OS
B or control stick click
Menu select - Chooses a menu item
Up/Down on control stick
Choose menu item
Volume Control

Settings menu

  • Use full screen scaling - Stretches the image of the screen of the SNES to all the screen of GP2x.
  • Show FPS - Posts a meter of FPS (Images per seconds) in the top left of the screen.
  • Enable vsync - Always waits until the screen is completely full before rafraichir it (reduction of the flickerings).
  • FPS to limit - Limit the emulator not to exceed the number of FPS (Images by seondes posted) definite here.
  • Frameskip - Number of jumps of the image. A large value indicates a fast emulation but deformed graphics. A low value allows a fluid but slower emulation.
  • Audio processor enabled - Activates the emulation of the sound processor of the SNES. It can slow down the emulation thus high value it is not recommended.
  • Audio processor transfers - Mutes the sounds generated by the processor of the SNES. Perfect if a game nessesary that the sound processor functions but that you do not want a sound.
  • Use Rom absolute to dir - Uses the absolute way "/roms/snes" (where "roms" is located at the root of your SD card) in the place of the relative way "roms" (in the same directory as the executable).
  • SNES-type action short props - Rocker enters the buttons A, B, X, Y. With = Y, B = A, X = B, Y = X (the standard lever SNES).

Always remember to save the settings after making adjustments. Settings are saved to the file “ssnes.cfg” in the same directory as the executable.

In-game usage

All keys are mapped directly to the GP2X-equivalent buttons, apart from the action buttons, which are mapped according to the preferences in the settings menu.

To exit back to the menu, hold the ’select’ button down for a few seconds until the menu shows.

A previous version of SquidgeSNES, 0.35 beta, will not play ROMs on some GP2Xes. In some cases this can be fixed by running CloneKeen2X, closing the application, and then try running SquidgeSNES again. It is not yet clear why the issue exists, but on the whole it appears to be fixed in later versions.


Squidge SNES screenshots


The menu system used in SquidgeSNES is fully skinnable, check out the “skin” directory in The Archive. The easiest things to change are the icons and the background, although you can change the rest as well. All files should be 24bpp BMP files.

Transparency layer Issue

Arguably, the single most debilitating issue with SquidgeSNES is the transparency layer issue. This is a problem where certain background layers (fog, etc) completely block out all other layers, making the game either unplayable or annoying to play.

The quick fix for this is to press down the entire volume control button on the gp2x, and look at the top right corner of the screen. Continue to hold the button down, and when the background numbers pop up, use the "A", "B", "X" and "Y" buttons to selectively disable or enable background layers.

The advantage is that same games become playable. The disadvantage is, particularly in RPG's, that critical game elements are disabled (like text boxes/bubbles). You can, however, switch between disable/enabling to see the missing elements.

Game Compatibility

Please use the new compatibility pages. The continued use of the lists on individual emulator pages will result in a temporary ban!
Thank you for your cooperation.

SquidgeSNES has a problem with the transparency layer, ignore documenting these issues if they are minor since any game that uses it will have the same issues.

Status Levels:

Status Level: Description:
Untested Has not yet been tested.
Works Full speed, no noticeable problems.
Mostly Works Playable, but with noticeable glitches, or not playable because of speed, with no glitches.
Barely Works Glitches or speed make game unplayable, but it will boot.
Doesn't Work Will not boot, or crashes on boot.

Game: Status: Version: Comment:
Arkanoid Doh It Again Works 0.35 beta No noticable problems
Battle Tycoon Works 0.34 Somtimes freezes (1/20) when using save state.
Bahamut Lagoon Barely Works 0.34 Runs with sound, without the APU on it wont run; very slow (6-9fps) with some expected graphic problems.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Another Story Mostly Works 0.37 Slight graphical errors, sprite overlap, transition and transparancy errors.
Blackthorne Works 0.37 58-60 fps @ 250Mhz
Bomberman 2 Works 0.37a Runs full speed with sound. Seems to be a minor problem where the roullette prizes are invisible, making it hard to know what you got.
Chrono Trigger Works 0.396 Runs with sound at full speed, FPS rates dip sometimes though. With the transparency fixed, there are no more problems.
Breath of Fire Works 0.35 beta Noisy audio, nearly full speed
BS-The Legend Of Zelda-1 Works 0.35 beta Works Great With Occasional Slowdown or Speedup make sure you are using a perfectly dumped and patched rom!(http://bszelda.zeldalegends.net/bszelda.shtml)

I Use The "The BS ZELDA" rom

Crash Test Dummies Mostly Works 0.34 SR1 Full speed with FS, sound a little glitchy
Desert Strike Works 0.35 beta Full speed with sound
Do-Re-Mi Fantasy - Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken Works 0.37 47-54 fps @ 250Mhz
Donkey Kong Country I Mostly Works 0.35 beta 15fps on fs2, muffled sound, some graphics don't display correctly. Too slow to play
Donkey Kong Country II Mostly Works 0.35 beta Muffled sound, some graphics don't display correctly. Not perfect speed
Donkey Kong Country III Mostly Works 0.35 beta Muffled sound, some graphics don't display correctly. Not perfect speed
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Demension Doesn't Work 0.34 Will not boot, or crashes on boot.
Dual Orb 2 Mostly Works 0.37a Everything, even sound, runs a tad slowly. The usual layering flaws make some parts (like the town of theives) hard to get through, but it's playable.
E.V.O. Search for Eden Mostly Works 0.37a Plays fine with sound at around 11-13 FPS, however you have to turn off the second BG to navigate the maps
Earthbound Works 0.34 Full Speed (occasional slowdowns though), occasional audio noise. Battles run choppily.
Earthworm Jim 1 Mostly Works 0.34 A tad slow
Final Fantasy 2 Works 0.35 beta No noticable problems
Final Fantasy 4 (J) Works 0.34 Playable. A few stereo issues and battles run at about half speed.
Final Fantasy 5 Works 0.34 playable with minor transp. issues.
Final Fantasy 6 Mostly Works 0.37 Playable at 255MHz with sound (FS 3-4), some graphic issues though
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (V 1.0) Doesn't Work 0.37a Title shows, then lags so much it won't accept commands. (Although the French and British versions work until after you input your name...)
F-Zero Mostly Works 0.37 Slow at 249MHz, seems slower without sound (by a factor of 2), shadows beneath cars flicker
Harvest Moon Works 0.392 Works fine on 240MHz. No noticable problems.
Illusion of Gaia Works 0.34 played through first town, fast without sound (Note: no text on naming screen), 1 FPS on map
Kirby's Dream Course Works 0.35 beta Full speed with sound at fs2
Kirby Superstar Doesn't Work 0.37 (MMU Hack) Won't boot
Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past Mostly Works 0.37 (MMU Hack) 60 FPS @ 275Mhz, but sound problems.
Lufia 1 Works 0.37a Nearly perfect, decent FPS and sound. It hangs a bit when you enter battles, though, and the attack damage layer is placed behind the enemies.
Lufia 2 Works 0.37a European release works fairly well with perfect sound, although there is plenty of frameskipping. (Attack damage is still displayed behind the enemies, which can be annoying...)
Mario no Super Picross Works 0.37a Works perfectly fine at a good speed, however the sound is messed up, producing a high pitched sound, and some things overlap other things that they are not supposed to; however this does not hinder gameplay
Megaman VII Mostly Works 0.34 tranparency is broken, the FPS hover around 17 on FS3 totally playable
Megaman X Works 0.39 255Mhz/11025Hz/Mono/Fs0: ~ 60fps (fullspeed=60)
200Mhz/11025Hz/Mono/Fs0: ~ 50-60fps
200Mhz/44100Hz/Mono/Fs0: ~ 46-60fps
Megaman X2 Mostly Works 0.37 Runs at or near 60 FPS most of the time (with sound!) with an ARM920T clock of 300 MHz. First boss is very slow, but otherwise quite fast emulation.
Megaman X3 Mostly Works 0.34 On some bosses the game slows down, otherwise no problems. Very fast. Runs at or near 60 FPS with an ARM920T clock of 300 MHz, with sound.
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy Works 0.392 Works fine on 200MHz. No noticable problems.
Ogre Battle Works .34 Not full speed everywhere, but pretty close.
Pop 'N' Twinbee (E) Mostly Works 0.34 SR1 17-19FPS with FS2 and Sound off at 200mhz.
R-Type 3 Works 0.37a Full Speed with Sound.
Radical Dreamers Doesn't Work 0.35 beta Purple Screen with graphical glitches
Secret of Evermore Works 0.396 No niticable visual problems, sounds still play longer thaan they should.
Secret of Mana Mostly Works 0.392 Works fine with 240MHz, transparency and sprite-order problems
Seiken Densetsu 3 Mostly Works 0.34 According to ED, it runs with nice sound
Shadowrun Works 0.34 Full Speed
Shin Megami Tensei Mostly Works 0.35 beta Speed problems, sound has noise, graphics glitches (alpha)
Shin Megami Tensei II Mostly Works 0.35 beta Not quite full speed, sound has noise, snes9x/zsnes compatable srm not loaded.
Sim City 2000 Mostly Works 0.396 very well playbable at 250 MHz however sound stutters
Soul Blazer Mostly Works 0.37a Around full speed with good sound, however once you get to the second town, because of the messed up layers, the fog completely covers the screen. The only way to get around this is to mess with the background settings by holding the volume button down and pressing a, making the fog go away. However you're going to have to go back and forth with the background settings because once one of the layers is taken off, many things will be taken off with it which you'll need in order to get around
Starfox Barely Works 0.39 Star Fox goes at about 14FPS with 280Mhz and sound off.
Star Ocean (Unofficial translation) Doesn't Work 0.392 Hangs on startup. Shows some pixel mess and then black screen.
Sunset riders Works 0.392 Works fine on 240MHz. No noticable problems.
Super Aleste Doesn't Work 0.39 It just goes to a screen with the skin on each side but a wide black vertical band in the center where the game should be. There is a 3 pixel wide black bar at the top that just flickers on and off.
Super Bomberman 1 Mostly Works 0.34 SR1 Playable, but low framerate.
Super Castlevania IV Works 0.37 MMU Hack Playable (57FPS) with good sound @ 275Mhz
Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts Works 0.39 @255MHz, with 11025hz/mono it's fullspeed
Super Mario All-Stars Works 0.35 beta Works Flawlessley other than the sky is usually green.(Make sure you have a good dump!)
Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World Works 0.35 beta Works Flawlessley other than the sky is usually green.(Make sure you have a good dump!)
Super Mario Kart Mostly Works 0.392 Plays perfectly, just like a real SNES. 25~30fps @ 250mhz (16~18fps @ 200mhz), transhack ON, frameskip AUTO, craig's ON, audio 11khz mono, audio performance hack ON. Racing emulation works smoother if you use "rear view", instead of "map view".
Super Mario World Works 0.37 (MMU Hack) Full Speed with sound (Tested @ 275Mhz)
Super Mario RPG: LSS Doesn't Work 0.37 MMU Hack Will not boot
Super Metroid Mostly Works 0.37 Runs slow at 249Mhz with sound, beam weapon sometimes doesn't show, upon entering area with fog the screen the fog layer appears at front, blocking all other layers
Super R-Type Works 0.39 255Mhz/11025Hz/Mono/Fs0: ~ 45-50fps (fullspeed=50)
Super Turrican 2 Barely Works 0.39 255Mhz/11025Hz/Mono/Fs0: ~ 11-23fps (fullspeed=60)
255Mhz/Without Sound/Fs0: ~ 21-27fps
Tales of Phantasia Doesn't Work 0.392 Hangs on startup. Shows some text and plays little noise then full freeze.
Tetris & Dr. Mario Works 0.392 Works fine on 240MHz. No noticable problems.
Tetris Attack Mostly works 0.34 Runs too slow to be a challenge. at 9 FPS with FS3
Terranigma Mostly works 0.35 beta Goodish speed, noisy audio, graphics problems (No chars on the naming screen)
The Lost Vikings works 0.392 Runs fine on 240MHz. No noticable problems.
The Lost Vikings 2 works 0.392 Runs fine on 240MHz. No noticable problems.
Tiny Toon Adventures Mostly works 0.35 beta Not full speed
Wizardry V works 0.34 Functions well, not slow at all.
Worms works 0.39 Fullspeed with sound @ 200 MHz
Yoshi's Island Barely works 0.39 Runs, slow, unplayable due to graphical bugs
Zelda 3 Works 0.34 SR1 Full Speed with sound
Zombies Ate My Neighbours Mostly Works 0.35 beta Playable, low frame rate
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