Beats of Rage

Beats of Rage
Ingame screenshot
Download (archive)
Original Developer Senile Team
Ported By Lemon
Version 0.09
Status Released and playable

Beats of Rage (BOR) is a scrolling beat 'em up engine originally developed by Senile Team. The original game play was in the style of the Streets of Rage series by SEGA using graphics from the King of Fighters series by SNK.

Multiple modifications exist (offering new graphics and levels) and at least one modification is required to use this engine. The modifications are typically between 10MB and 60MB in size.

OpenBoR is a modification to the original BoR engine adding lots of new features, like more kind of special attacks, holes, walls, rideable and throwable objects, a mod selector, etc.

Beats of Rage was ported to the GP2X by Andreu Escudero (Lemon).

The game is playable through TV-Out although it is not optimised and writing on the on-screen text wobbles.



  1. Download the file and extract the contents anywhere on SD card
  2. Download a MOD (.pak file) and store this in the same directory as bor.gpe on the SD card
  3. Launch the file bor.gpe (takes about 10 seconds to launch)


Controls may vary with modifications, but the original BOR .pak file has the following controls:

  • Joystick - Left, right, up, down
  • A - Attack
  • B - Special
  • X & Y - Jump
  • START & SELECT- Pause

Multiple combo attacks are supported.

External Links

  • Mods - A selection of compatible BOR mods

Screen Shots

Beats of Rage original .pak
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