alracbasmon The TV-out Cable is a cable that connects between the GP2X and a television. The cable provides an S-Video TV Connection at a resolution of 720x576 (PAL) or 720x480 (NTSC). FW2 seems to actually set this to 720x288 or 720x240 which in effect removes interlace (which is often a good thing as it avoids flickering). It's unknown if the movie player also runs at these non-interlaced resolutions. The cable is not compatible with firmwares released before version 1.4.

The first batch of TV-out cables had some problems with the connector which were resolved with subsequent batches.

Not all GP2X software is compatible with the TV-out cable.

Compatible software is usually automatically scaled up to TV resolutions, but as 720 is not double 320 this results in slight distortion of the image. This distortion is worse on PAL TVs as the vertical resolution is also slightly scaled up from 240 to 288.



  • Watch movies or play games on a television screen
  • Supports PAL and NTSC standards
  • Allows switching between television and GP2X LCD without resetting


  1. Connect the 24 pin end of the TV-out cable to the Ext port of the GP2X.
  2. Connect the TV-out cable to the S-VHS port an L and R audio ports of the television.
  3. Turn on the GP2X and at the main menu choose Setting.
  4. Select TV-OUT, choose either NTSC or PAL and then press B.

Televisions without an S-VHS port can link the AV cable with a jack converting S-VHS port into Composite port between the TV-out cable and the television.

As the cable is small, an extension cable between the GP2X and the television is recommended.

Both an S-VHS to composite adapter, and a video extension cable can be bought easily from electrical shops or websites. Such as Radio Shack

See Also

  • TV-Out support - Development details for implementing TV-out support.
  • TV-Out Fixer - Utility that allows some applications to run on TV-out that are not coded to do so.
  • Software Directory - A list of software that flags TV-out compatibility.

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