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Screen capture of hexen
Download (archive)
Original Developer Raven Software
Ported By HEP
Version 0.6
Webpage HHexen
Status Playable

Hexen is a medieval/fantasy first person shooter released by Raven Software in 1995. It uses a modified Doom engine that supports multiple classes, storable items, and better graphics (polygonals rotatifs brushes). Like Doom, Hexen has been ported to many platforms: N64, and if one recalls correctly, the Mac, Linux, and the Playstation. There is more information available at Wikipedia.

The advantage compared to NK's port is that it is faster, saving works, the graphics are not stretched (true 320x240) and you can configure the controls.



  • From the README
Unzip the files to a folder on your SD card. You have to add the file "hexen.wad" from the
original game. If you don't own the game you can also use the file from the demo version.
If you're using the demo wad, please start the game using the "Heretic2X_wad1.0" file.
Note that the filename must be lowercase.


  • A = fire
  • B = jump
  • X = open
  • Y = change weapon
  • L = strafe left
  • R = strafe right
  • Start = use item
  • Select = menu
  • Vol-/+ = inventory left/right
  • Stick Click = automap
    • Keymapping can be changed by editing "mapping.txt"
Recommended for F200 users (no Click Stick support)
  • L = strafe
  • R = automap


CHANGES since v0.4: - fixed wrong weapon position

Known Issues

  • may crash in the menu when demo begins to play depending from version of WAD file
    • (try to start using the "Hexen2X_wad1.0" file. If it doesn't help don't stay in the title too long)
  • no music because sound system is raw OSS which does not allow mixing
  • some lags from time to time (< 1s)
  • not fully tested (Author appreciates any feedback about further bugs)

Helpful Information

  • To play the Deathkings of the Citadel add-on, create a .gpe with these parameters
./Hexen2X.gpe -file hexdd.wad
  • To warp to a starting level, use the -warp option
./Hexen2X.gpe -file hexdd.wad -warp 10
  • To use an alternate .cfg file, use the -config option
./Hexen2X.gpe -file hexdd.wad -config hhexen_alt.cfg


  • To support different save slots, edit the alternate config savedir parameter and create the requisite directory

Additional Links

  • Get example add-on pwads at the archive. MOD1 or MOD2
  • Get additional homemade levels at DoomWorld
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