Tiny C

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A port of the Tiny C compiler to the gp2x.

This is a full C compiler for the gp2x.


  • Download the file
  • Unzip it to /mnt/sd so you'll have /mnt/sd/tcc
  • Then add /mnt/sd/tcc to your path
export PATH=$PATH:/mnt/sd/tcc

Using the Compiler


tcc -o hello hello.c

A good test is rlyeh's minilib

  • From the rgb directory try:
tcc -static -o 8bit 8bits.c minimal.c -lpthread
  • then
  • You can now change the colour of the screen by pressing the A,B and X.

TCC is a powerful enough compiler that it will build itself. So switching to the tcc directory itself you can try :

./tcc2 -DTCC_TARGET_ARM -o tcc2b tcc.c lib/libc.a lib/libgcc.a -static -I include -Llib -ldl
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