Rlyeh's Minimal Library SDK

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lavisi Version 0.B ([1])

If you want more speed, then you can bypass SDL and hit the frame buffer, timer, joystick port, sound and 940-t secondary processor directly. rlyeh's Minimal Library SDK started as a small and quick example of how to access these devices in less than 400 lines of code; however current library (0.B) has become much bigger, but also more stable and complete. Without the extra layer provided by SDL, Minimal SDK allows for less overhead and therefore more speed in your application. It also means that the one big benefit of SDL is gone. You can no longer just compile your application for another platform, eg. Windows, and have it work.


Just add minimal.c, minimal.h and minimal_940t.h to your compiling directory and you're set!

Current Library

Download it from the official page


Visit online documentation website. To be deprecated.

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