Heart of the Alien

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Heart of the Alien: Redux
Screenshot of Heart of the Alien
Download 1.2.4 CVS
Original Developer Gil Megidish
Ported By DJWillis
Version 1.2.4 CVS
Webpage DJWillis's BLOG
Status Released and Playable without sound

Heart of the Alien is the highly underrated (or so they say) sequel to Another World. Heart of the Alien was developed back in 1994 by Interplay exclusively for the Sega CD console.

This is a port to the GP2X of the open-source project Heart of the Alien: Redux which aims to bring this game to all modern consoles and computer platforms.


Where to get the datafiles?

You can make an ISO of the games date files using the original Sega CD CD-ROM

Download CDDissect from http://xport.xbox-scene.com/cddissect.php Insert the HOTA CD into your CD-ROM drive and type:

cddissect.exe hota -data

The file hota01.iso will be created, rename this Heart Of The Alien.iso.

You may also wish to rip the audio tracks to OGG Vorbis using your favourite audio encoder but this is currently unsupported in this alpha.


Place your GPE anywhere you want on your SD card.

The ISO of Heart of the Alien must be placed in the following folder


and MUST be called "Heart Of The Alien.iso" (no quotes) - Note the capitals.

Saves will also be stored in this folder.


Up, Down, Left, Right
Stick Click
Use your whip
Shoot, keep down in order to run
NOTHING (Will be toggle scaling)
Leave game, or skip current animation
Left Trigger
Quick Save
Right Trigger
Quick Load
Volume Buttons
Increase and Decrease volume

Known Issues

No sound. OGG support for the CD Audio is being worked on when I get a some free time here and there.


Gil Megidish for the original HOTA:Redux code - http://hota.sourceforge.net/. A600 on GP32x as I pinched his CD ripping instructions :-).

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