Java, Perl, Bash, C Developer... Interested in OS stuff, Linux variants based soft, opensource, etc.

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  • IM (Jabber):
  • Email: etfreire At ua dOt pt (please put "gp2x" in the subject)


Things that I would like to see working soon with GP2x:

  • GPS navigation application using USB/bluetooth/serial dongle
  • web browser
  • wi-fi using usb dongle

Contact me if you can help. Im current looking for opensource GPS navigation apps and ways of using wi-fi USB dongles...


To anyone that might read this and would like to know the current status of the following ports:

- I must finish each port, clean them up and make the scripts to start them up/install
- Im trying to think on the best way where to publish this and how
- Im thinking of the licenses and the care that should be taken
 so this is whats happening right now...

Things being ported:

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