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Photo of the Atari 2600 VCS
Download(s) (archive)
Developer(s) Bradford W. Mott
Alex Zaballa
Version 2.3.5
Status Working Well

Stella is an Atari VCS 2600 emulator and was ported to the GP2X by Alex Zaballa. The GP2X port is based on the original Stella core which was developed by Bradford W. Mott. Stella is licensed under the GPL Version 2. Since the GP2X port's initial release, it has been included into the main development branch of the Stella Project.

The source code is available at the following Stella Development Page.


Atari VCS 2600: Description

The Atari VCS 2600 is one of the first gaming consoles released in 1977 by Atari. It remained on the market for a record-setting 14 years before being officially discontinued in 1992. The console is capable of 128 colors (16 colors with 8 levels of intensity each), a maximum resolution of 160x102, 2 mono speakers and ran on a MOS Technology 6507 clocked at 1.19MHz.


Much has changed with the release of Stella 2.3. Among the changes below, Stella for the GP2X is now capable of handling higher resolutions. Translation: PAL ROMs are now playable. Be sure to thank Paeryn for opening up the GP2X hardware with his custom SDL libs.

Changes from 2.3
  • All menus are now available through the Options button in the Launcher.
  • Pause function has been removed, pressing a menu button serves the same function.
  • Vertical Centering during gameplay is now implemented.
  • UI Color Schemes are now implemented. At the moment there's only Classic and GP2X.
Changes from 2.2 (Revision 1)
  • Moved away from using joymouse emulation, which was frustrating many users, to a more effective GUI button control scheme.
  • PAL ROMs are now playable thanks to Paeryn's scaling libs. ;)
  • Paddle games like 'Tac-scan,' 'Demons to Diamonds,' 'Video Olympics,' and others are now playable thanks to Steve.
  • Made '/mnt/sd' the default ROM and Snapshot directory this way Stella doesn't look anywhere it shouldn't.
  • Changed button mapping.
  • Various performance tweaks.


  1. Place files 'stella' and 'stella.gpe' into its own directory.
  2. Place ROMs in a preferred directory.
Note 1
Stella defaults to '/mnt/sd' for the ROM and Snapshot directory. This can be changed by using the 'Options' button in the Launcher menu. If you are having issues with getting Stella to run after an older install, delete the 'stellarc' file located in the root Stella install folder.
Note 2
The GP2X port of Stella is statically built, so there is no need for the GP2X SDL Runtime Libs.


The joystick selects item by item in a file list. In menu mode, VOL+ and VOL- highlight the next and previous GUI elements respectively. Pressing B activates the highlighted GUI element. Pressing START or X is equivalent to clicking Cancel or Close. Pressing SELECT is equivalent to clicking OK. To move to the previous directory without the 'Go Up' button, just use the '[..]' item at the top of the ROM Browser list. For complete button mapping, check below.


Navigating Menus
A        = Previous Tab
B        = Select GUI Item
X        = Menu Cancel
Y        = Next Tab
L        = Page Up
R        = Page Down
START    = Menu Cancel
SELECT   = Menu OK
VOL+     = Navigate to Next GUI Button (or other GUI element)
VOL-     = Navigate to Previous GUI Button (or other GUI element)
During Emulation
A        = Command Menu
B        = Fire
X        = Pause
Y        = Settings Menu
L        = Console Reset
R        = Console Select
START    = Launcher Menu
SELECT   = Snapshot
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