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Fuse (the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) was originally, and somewhat unsurprisingly, an emulator of the ZX Spectrum (a popular 1980s home computer, especially in the UK) for Unix. However, it has now also been ported to Mac OS X, which may or may not count as a Unix variant depending on your advocacy position and emulates some of the better-known ZX Spectrum clones as well.

Quick start

  • Press L to bring onscreen a keyboard. Press B to select a key from there. Opening a game (.tzx, .dsk, .z80, .sna)
  1. Move the selection square to ‘Open’ on the keyboard and press ‘B’
  2. Load a game file
  3. If there is an error, saying ‘No autosnap present’, press ‘Escape’ and try selecting ‘Tape Loader’ afterwards from the spectrum 128 menu.
  4. Select ‘cursor’ as control type is a good start for many games
  5. This is typically done by using the fake keyboard to click on a number.
  6. Some .sna/.z80 files seem to need some time to sort themselves out, so bear that in mind. It is generally better to use .tzx files.
  7. If the gameplay controls seem unpredictable, try keybindings 2 or 3. If that fails, make your own controls:
  • Press ‘R’ at any time to rebind a key.
  1. Press the key or direction you wish to rebind
  2. Use the onscreen keyboard to make your selection and press ‘B’ to select.

Three different keybinding sets.

These are selected on the onscreen keyboard by selecting ‘k1′, ‘k2′ and ‘k3′. They start set up as follows, but you can rebind any of these during play. Selecting a new game will reset these, but if people object to this behaviour, I can make them stay to the keys you choose.:

All sets:

   * A -> ‘0′ (zero. It is often the fire/jump button)
   * B -> ‘Enter/Return’
   * X -> ’s’
   * Y -> ‘c’
   * Select -> ‘Escape’
   * Start -> ‘Space’

‘k1′ up/down/left/right -> Arrow keys ‘k2′ up/down/left/right -> 7/6/5/8 (Spectrum cursor keys) ‘k3′ up/down/left/right -> p/l/z/x

‘k1′ and ‘k2′ are typically good for games where you can select ‘cursor’ controls, but if the game uses Caps lock as a button, use k2, as k1 will cause it to be triggered at every press. Why the difference?

  • ‘k1′ is good for Aufwiedersehen Monty and any other game that expects caps to be down.
  • ‘k2′ is good for Manic Miner + Jet Set Willy and any other game that has a function attached to Caps Lock.

To Do

  • Make the fake keyboard understand that shift,ctrl, and sym shift should be sticky.
  • Game specific keybindings that save to SD once set, and therefore hopefully include a couple of defaults for the better games.
  • Personally, I think that it’s a little too easy to hit a diagonal. [Edit: and it’s not my fault :) ]
  • Make the UI a little more friendly and clever.
  • Find out why it sometimes hangs and doesn’t except input anymore.
  • What the hell is an autosnap really? And can I fix it?
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