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Screenshot of RAW
Download (archive)
Original Developer Gregory Montoir (cyx)
Ported By WinterN
Version v0.3.1
Status Released and Playable.

RAW is an interpretor, a reimplementation of the engine used in the game Another World/Out of this World created by √Čric Chahi in 1990. Another World/Out of this World is an adventure/action game occurring in a universe full of extraterrestrials. RAW was able to be made portable thanks to the use of SDL libraries by Cyx (Gregory Montoir) and the GP2x version was made by WinterN (Javier Alvarez).

You can recover RAW for GP2x in it's version the 0.3.1 ICI. Source code is available on the engine site for GP2x.



  • Download RAW and decompress the files to your SD card.
  • Download the original game files and place "BANK *" & "MEMLIST.BIN" in the same directory as the previous files.
  • Launch the game using "another.gpe."


Enables You to move Lester (the character of the game)
Button A
Shoot your weapon
Buttton R
Allows you to enter a level code
L + R
Button X
Save gamestate
Button Y
Restore gamestate
Volume +
Increase Volume
Volume -
Decrease Volume
(N/A Yet)
Choose gamestate save
(N/A Yet)
Move in Rapid Mode


RAW/GP2x Screenshots


Versions and to do

0.3.1 (Dec 21 2005)

- The system of sound functions. But it is currently too loud (strong). 
- Sychronization of the filing system after the save of a state to avoid the loss of data.

0.2.1 (Dec 07 2005)

- Better system of controls. Now you cannot jump while using the diagonal high, instead use the button R. 
- Save/Restore the state respectively with buttons X and Y. 
- The screen is centered vertically.

0.1.1 (Dec 06 2005)

- First version for the GP2X.

To Do:

- To allow quieter sounds.
- More than one gamestate in the system of saves.
- More screen resolution choice for left TV mode (?).
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