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Developer(s) skeezix
Version v001
Status Alpha
Webpage Codejedi

This is a mostly from-scratch Colecovision emulator; she seems to work 'pretty well' though not perfectly by any stretch; further, the sound is wonky at this point... but its there!

The controls are limited but playable for many games; the speed should be good (its throttling like _mad_ I tell you) and I think I've got it timing right.

So let me know how she works for you, and I'll work on fixing up the audio and controls and game support and all that :)



  1. Make a directory /roms/colecovision on your SD card
  2. Copy your coleco.rom file to /roms/colecovision <-- REQUIRED
  3. Copy any cartridge .rom files to there as well
  4. If you don't pick or have any carts, it'll assume dk.rom :P

Cart Picker

  • Like in OutcaST -- up/down to scroll selection; left/right to auto-scroll

by a bunch in case you have lots of ROMs.

  • Hit B to fire up a cartridge ROM
  • Hit Y to exit the emu altogether

In a Game

  • Left and right shoulder press Colecovision 1 and 2 buttons; in general

many games will start when you press right shoulder :)

  • SELECT to kill the game and return to the cart picker

Known Bugs

  • Sound works for the first game.. but not later? Exit and restart for now ;)

Things to Do

  • Add savestate menu for START button
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