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Download(s) GMenu2X (sourceforge)
Developer(s) Massimiliano Torromeo
Version 0.9
Status Released
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Fully Compatible

GMenu2X is an alternative frontend for the gp2x. GMenu2X allows you to create direct links for your games & applications so that you can directly launch them without having to browse through all the filesystem manually, resulting in a better user experience.



  • X, Stick left: Goes up one directory in file browser.
  • X: Cancel action.
  • B, Stick press: Launch selected link / Confirm action.
  • L, R: Switch between sections - PageUp/PageDown on lists.
  • Y: Bring up the manual/readme.
  • VOLDOWN: Decrease cpu clock
  • VOLUP: Increase cpu clock
  • VOLDOWN+VOLUP: Reset clock
  • A+VOLDOWN: Decrease volume for the selected link
  • A+VOLUP: Increase volume for the selected link
  • A+VOLDOWN+VOLUP: Reset volume for the selected link
  • SELECT: Bring up the contextual menu.
  • START: GMenu2X options.


Copy the file autorun.gpu on the root of your sd card along with the gmenu2x directory. Check that the autorun option is enabled on your gp2x. Create the links and enjoy your gp2x.

Getting GMenu2X

  • Source: gmenu2x-0.9-src.tar.bz2
  • Precompiled for gp2x:

Installing skins (optional)

A lot of skins can be found on the GP2X File Archive, which is now part of the Open Handheld File Archive, where GMenu2X have its own Skin Section.

Please refer to the skins readme files for correct installation. Usually the folder with the skin name (the one containing sub-folders like icons, imgs, sections and wallpaper) is simply copied into gmenu2x/skins.

After installing the skin, it can be switched by running GMenu2X, then going to the "Settings" Section and choosing the "Skin" Icon.

Note: Renaming the "Settings" section hides the "Skin" and some other icons. Rename your settings section back to "settings" or create a new "settings" section to see the lost icons again.

Getting the latest SVN

You can try to compile the source from the sourceforge SVN repository. This is usually not recommended if precompiled packages are available, but you may give it a try if you cannot wait for the latest feature to come out or if you experience problems that may have been fixed it the repository.

Reporting Bugs

Before reporting a bug, check the Troubleshooting section and the bugs already reported to see if you are experiencing a known problem. If not, report the bug in the dedicated bug tracking system flyspray.

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