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Developer(s) Mindlord
Version 0.90b
Status Beta/Unstable
Webpage Project Wiki

Sycophant is a front end replacement for the stock application launcher that comes with the GP2X.

The goal of Sycophant is to be a robust, highly configurable, and versatile menu system including unparalleled skinning support, integrated file manager, and tons of useful features. Robust skin support using an intelligent XML document design make skin design swift and virtually painless.

USER configurable options

  • Easy to manage xml file that should be easy to understand and quick to configure.
  • Skin selection, just type the name of the directory that has the skin you want from the skins directory
  • User configurable main menu options
  • Bookmarks that scan multiple folders for specified filetypes and give you the ability to open any file with a defined application, or just run it as a default gp2x .gpe or .gpu.
  • the ability to define a default icon for a filetype

SKIN features

  • Multiple background images with skinner's choice of fade speed.
  • Floating Images that can be defined to slide or move when a Sub-menu is selected.
  • changable menu looks including list and icon views.
  • automatic addition of commands to any Sycophant menus for changing views or sorting lists or icons.
  • Skinner's choice of CPU speed, so more intense skins can request more horsepower, while simple skins can conserve batteries.

OTHER features

  • Intelligent icon handling that looks in several places to try to find a suitable icon for you.
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