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Screenshot of STerm
Download(s) termula2x project page
Developer(s) Fehmi Can SAGLAM(canavar)
Version 0.1.3
Status Released and Usable
Webpage fehmicans.net
Open2x mini.png
Not Compatible

STerm is a UNIX terminal emulator for the GP2X. It is now renamed as termula2x. The latest version is 0.1.3 "bordo".

Watch the video of termula2x(STerm) by bleonlf.



  • Full terminal features, including the vi text editor.
  • USB keyboard and GP2X F-200 touchscreen support.
  • Customizable interface.


  • Download termula2x. Choose an appropriate version.
  • Extract to anywhere on your SD card. You can rename the .gpu and .png to what you like, such as "Terminal" (keep the extension!).
  • Go to Utilities and navigate to the directory your file is in. If it shows up, run it and see if it loads up properly. If you get a prompt like
[root@Linux ~]$

..then STerm is installed properly. Try out a few commands out to check nothing is broken.

  • "termula2x.ini" is the default configuration file and may be modified when needed. you may also create other configuration files (profiles). one extra profile, termula2x-mod.ini, is included in the archive. If you want to change the default profile, you should edit termula2x.gpu as shown below.·

replace line

./termula2x-gp2x-... > termula2x.log

with this line

./termula2x-gp2x-... <configuration-file> > termula2x.log
  • screen allows you to use multiple terminals at the same time. You must run install-screen.sh once to be able to use screen. also the environment variable $TERM must be set to "linux". If it is not set use the command below.
export TERM=linux

to use screen, type "./screen" and hit enter or simply press the frequently used button "SCR". for creating terminals and navigating between them use· "CPN" button. "CPN" means "Create Previous Next". without Shift and Ctrl it creates a new terminal. with Shift it navigates to the previous terminal and with Ctrl similarly it navigates to the next terminal.

  • you may assign any key to any button using your configuration file. "number" values in #number# notation are ascii codes.

for INSERT use:


for DEL use:


for PAGE UP use:


for PAGE DOWN use:


for HOME use:


for END use:

  • to choose the terminal font simply edit your configuration file.


1 Big gives you a 60x21 term
2 Small gives you a 80x35 term
  • to switch selection keys, set switch_keys=true in your configuration file. by doing that selection keys (select key, press key, delete, space) are

moved to the left pad. it is useful for stylus users.

  • to show virtual keyboard set vkeyboard=true or set vkeyboard=false to hide it.
  • for latest news refer to [1] or [2]


Joystick           Select keyboard character
A                  Insert keyboard character
B                  Enter key
X                  Backspace key
Y                  Space key
L BUTTON           One section left
R BUTTON           One section right
VOL+               Shift key
VOL-               Ctrl key
CLICK              Tab key
SELECT             Move the cursor (used with LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN together)
SELECT+CLICK       Screenshot
SELECT + L BUTTON: Shows available profiles and
                   allows user to select one.
SELECT + VOLUME UP inserts Escape
START              Quit

The virtual keyboard and the color can be modified in the "sterm.ini" file.

USB Keyboard

LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN     Move the cursor
Insert                 Insert the selected keyboard character
Other keystrokes are inserted verbatim

Frequently Used Command Buttons

Label   Value      with SHIFT       with CTRL
------- ---------- ---------------- ---------
 CD      cd         cd ..            cd /
 PS      ps         ps aux          
 LS      ls         ls -l|more       
 CP      cp         cp -r            mv
 RM      rm         rm -r            
 VI      vi         ESC+wq           ESC+q!
 CAT     cat                         
 PWD     pwd                         
 NET     netstat    netstat -aopn    
 GREP    grep       |grep            
 ECHO    echo                        
 MORE    more       |more            
 KILL    kill       kill -9          
 CLEAR   clear      reset            
 UPTM    uptime
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