Title:: rsvp4gp2x
Gender: Text Reader
Status: 80% (works, but could really use some more features)
Developer: Azmodean
Start date: April 29 2007 (first release)
Finish date (aim): not quite done
Last release: June 05 2007
Active: Active
Description: Rapid Serial Visual Presentation: presents a text file one word at a time in rapid succession. Sounds odd but it allows for very rapid reading and reduces eyestrain in my experience. First open source app of it's kind as far as I can discern (rsvp for a portable target)
Scene country: USA
Help needed: any advice on scaling a native 800x600 app to 320x240 would be appreciated...
Contact: kevin(dot)granade{at}gmail[dot]com
Special: requires Pygame,0,0,0,14,917 Runs great at 100MHz, very low overhead
Issues: only reads plain text files, in the future I want to port some streaming doc converters (.doc, .pdf, .zip, etc...) to the gp2x so I can use them, please let me know if anyone has done this already. Also startup is rather slow, anybody know how to speed up python/pygame startup times? (I know, re-write it in c or something, bleh)

--Azmodean 20:10, 3 August 2007 (PDT)

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