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A photograph of an Atari Lynx
Download(s) The version for GP2x
Developer(s) Niels Wagenaar
Version v0.2
Status Playable
Webpage Tharos Portal

'Handy2x' is a Lynx emulator ported to the GP2X by Tharos. based on HandySDL, an SDL version of the Handy emulator. The emulator plays at full speed and supports roms stored in ZIP files.


What is the Lynx?

The Lynx was one of the first portable consoles and was manufactured by ATARI in 1989. It was released at the same time as the Gameboy but was more powerful. It is an 8-bit console, which makes it possible to use up to 16 colors from a palette of 4096 with standard resolution of 160x102 pixels.


  1. Download the new version of Handy2x.
  2. Decompress the file on your SD. The folder "handy", by default, must be in the root of your SD card, but you can change the config by modifying the file "handy_config".
  3. Download and put into the directory of the emulator the file "lynxboot.img".
  4. Launch the executable "handy_launcher.gpe" starting from small "the Games" of the menu of GP2x.


  • In the game:
Direction of player.
Quit the emulator.
Lynx option 1/2.


By default the emulator searches for files with the extension "lnx" or "zip", if you want it to find any other extensions, it is necessary to edit the file "handy_config" and add "fileFilter=L' extension" to the end.

Revision History

  • v0.2: (28.12.05)
    • Use Rlyeh' S Minimal Library now (More need for SDL libraries).
    • The enhancement/reduction of image is made by the software now (Before it etait thus makes by software acceleration of the emulation).
    • Based on the Sources of Handy/SDL v0.2 - > returned is made in 16bit (acceleration of the emulation).
  • v0.1a: (27.12.05)
    • Addition of the image stretching (2x) of - much more beautiful and larger :)
  • v0.1: (26.12.05)
    • Adaptation of the GP2X buttons.
    • Returned goes directly in the framebuffer.

  • To do:
    • To find means to optimize speed (not yet at full speed).
    • To enable sound.

Photos of Screen Captures

Paperboy on GP2x thanks to Handy2x.
Xenophobe on GP2x thanks to Handy2x
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