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Download(s) (archive)
Developer(s) RiX0R
Version 0.2.1
Status Released
Webpage GP2x Forge

Mocca is an an alternative frontend for the GP2x.


What is Mocca?

Mocca is an attempt at making a better menu/frontend/launcher for the GP2X. The inspiration was that it should be modal (meaning that it should only show the possibilities relevant to the current task) and complete (meaning that it should show all such possibilities at once), and the name kind of came from there.

Mocca is a bit like bastardshell, in that it searches the entire SD card for files to run. Mocca is also a bit like like Unified File Manager, in that it will run an emulator or application directly depending on the type of file it is called on.

Mocca's goal is to be as simple as possible, and offering all capabilities of the GP2X's software in a single menu.

It will automatically discover the emulators you have on your SD card, and show and hide the appropriate menu items accordingly.

Mocca can install itself as the default shell! Watch out when using this feature however -- as it modifies the NAND, there's a possibility this will brick your GP2X. It has only been tested on the developer's own GP2X, running firmware 1.0.0. He makes no guarantees about the reliability of this feature. Use at your own risk.


  • Show all files on the entire SD card
  • Automatically discover emulators
  • Replace standard menu
  • Black Screen Of Death Protection
  • Flush SD buffers ("sync")
  • Customizable

Emulator support


Move selection
L, R
Move selection left or right(also in file listing)
Quit to GPH menu
Access menu
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