Download(s) (archive)
Developer(s) Greg Allen
Version 060209
Status Released
Webpage Dev's Site

gp2xole is a text console for the gp2x.

I wrote this because I got tired of seeing black screens whenever I ran shell scripts. With gp2xole, you can see what's going on!

You can pipe any text to it:

  $ ls | ./gp2xole
  $ ./gp2xole < /proc/cpuinfo

It's based on SDL_Terminal, which supports some of the ANSI escape sequences. I'm working with the author of that library to add more. It's going to have a new home page and project page on SourceForge.

This version is pretty rough, but I'd like to see it improve. The screen shot illustrates one thing I'd like to fix -- cursor escape sequences.

Included are several examples that illustrate the kinds of things you can do with gp2xole. I think it will be a useful tool for developers -- especially for installers.

Here is the binary and the source as of 9 Feb 2006. Note that the binary is a self-extracting gzipped-tar shell script. Put it in the root of your SD card, and select it as a Utility from the user interface. It will extract a folder, gp2xole, in the same place.

You will also need the gp2x SDL Libraries to use gp2xole. The source code doesn't have makefiles right now -- I use an internal make-maker tool called jmake.

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