Size comparison


The size of the GP2X is almost exactly that of the Nintendo DS. However, the GP2X is shallower where you place your hands, and deeper where the batteries compartment is (the BatteryBuldge). It is also considerably lighter than the DS and PSP, even with the average weight of two AA batteries (60g) added.

Here is a size comparison of four popular handhelds along with the GP2X. High-quality images are welcome.


GamePark Holdings GP2X

Length: 143.6mm
Width: 82.9mm
Depth: 34mm (at the BatteryBuldge)
Weight: 161g (w/o Battery)
Finalized Version of the GP2X

Nintendo DS

Length: 148.6mm
Width: 84.6mm
Depth: 28.7mm
Weight: 275g
Front of the DS
Back of the DS
Top of the DS

Nintendo GBA SP

Height: 51mm
Width: 102mm
Depth: 18mm
Weight: 80g
Front of the GBA SP

Sony Playstation Portable

Length: 170mm
Width: 74mm
Depth: 23mm
Weight: 280g (w/ Battery)
Front of the PSP
Back of the PSP

Side-by-side comparisons

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