Ingame screenshot
Download GP32x
Original Developer TONG!
Ported By Stuckie
Version v1
Webpage DCEmu Post
Status Released

TONG is a rather evil little puzzle game where you play both Tetris and Pong on the same grid. He posted it at DCEmu since he couldn't seem to get registered on the file archive "(well, it registered me, just won't send me an email... grrr.. username is Stuckie, if someone could prod it )"

The porter admits that this is a VERY hard game and demands a lot of concentration. And plans to ignore you if you complain about it being too hard.


Controls the paddles.
Moves the tetris block left and right
Drops it
Rotates clockwise
L and R
Rotate anti-clockwise and clockwise respectively
  • In the menus, X selects and changes things.

What comes in the package?

There's two versions. One compiled with theoddbot's precompiled SDL libraries ontop of devkitGP2X (with sound ) The other compiled through ooPo's toolchain with the HW accelerated SDL (without sound, but faster and smoother)

Sourcecode IS included.. though I've mangled it somewhat.. but before you shout at me, look at the original code I didn't really change that much.

To Do

The porter plans to probably release another version once he can get sound/music working with no slow down... and maybe a few more to tweak the gameplay.. other than that, consider this complete.

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