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Original Developer statikeffeck
Ported By N/A
Version 0.8
Webpage Porter's Blog
Status Released and Playable

Nomis is simple memory/pattern game written in C with the SDL libraries and Karl Bartel’s SFont code for the bitmap font drawing routines. Watch the computer choose a sequence of button presses, then repeat the pattern using the A B Y X buttons. So far I couldn’t do more than 15 steps.

The source code is included for educational purposes (i.e. how to write messy code). This program helped me get into GP2X development.


Copy the Nomis folder to anywhere on your SD Card. All artwork and wav files must be in the same folder as Nomis.gpe.


Start - Start Game Select - Quit Game

A, B, Y, and X activate the colored buttons.

Note to any blind GP2X gamers: Press Y for dog barking, B for honking, X for laser, and A for the hand clap.

Version History

  • Changes in 0.8:
    • Controls more responsive
    • Added Volume controls
    • Changed graphics slightly
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