GravityForce2x screenshot
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Ported By ParkyDR
Version 0.3
Webpage Porter's site
Status Released and Playable

 Controls In menu
Button Action
Button joystick.gif Move to option.
Button b.gif Select option.
Button start.gif Previous menu (exit at main menu).
 Controls In game
Button Action
Button joystickhoriz.gif Rotate left/right.
Button b.gif Fire.
Button x.gif Thrust.
Button y.gif Special.
Button l.gif Previous weapon.
Button r.gif Next weapon.
Button start.gif Quit level.
 Controls In high score/password
Button Action
Button joystickhoriz.gif Delete/Add character.
Button joystickvert.gif Select character.
Button b.gif Finish.

In GravityForce2X you control a little ship. Your mission is to collect all cargo and return it safely to your home base. This would be quite easy if there were no enemies and no gravity pulling you to the ground. Well, for the enemies you have a cannon (in fact more than 6 different weapon systems), and for the gravity you have your skill.


  1. Download and extract the archive on your SD.
  2. Launch the game with "GravityForce2X.gpe".

Version history

  • v0.3:
    • Fixed crater glitch
  • v0.2:
    • Include menu music
    • Make mission text yellow
    • Fix training mission 4
  • v0.1:
    • First version.
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