Mister Block

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Mister Block
Download (archive)
Developer nickspoon
Version 1.0

Mister Block has lost all his favourite blue blocks! Help him find them by navigating various levels, each dotted with traps and pitfalls.

Information on playing the game and creating levels (it's easy, try it) is in readme.txt.

If you want to keep your progress/highscores for new versions of Mister Block, simply backup the data/user directory from your old copy, then overwrite the new data/user in the new copy.

A level editor is now included with Mister Block! Details on using it are in readme.txt - remember to reread it for each new version!

Version history


  • Levels are now .png files, so they can be edited in normal graphics editor programs.
  • More level sizes supported - 40x30, 80x60, 20x15, and many more.
  • Some bugfixes.

More new stuff:

  • Pause
  • Improved controls
  • Clock set to 120MHz
  • Highscores set by yours truly - see if you can beat them!

New stuff:

  • Highscores
  • Power time visible
  • Level selector
  • Level editor (courtesy of mrsnature)
  • Various bugfixes
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