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Ingame screenshot
Download (archive)
Developer PotA
Version 1
Webpage Parkoh
Status Released and playable

LogicX is a Picross puzzle game.

The aim of the game is to reveal pictures using the numeric clues across the rows and columns of the playing area grid. each number represents the number of consecutive black squares that are present in the column or row.

There is currently no sound in this game and TV-Out is not supported.

This game requires the SDL libraries to be installed on the GP2X.


  • Joystick - Left, right, up, down
  • B - Mark a square to be filled in
  • Y - Unmark a square that has been filled in
  • X - Mark a square as not to be filled in
  • START - Go to menu
  • SELECT - Reveal picture


Copy the folder logic from the archive file to anywhere on your SD card.

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