How to install the SDL libraries

Note: this is a page for developers, users probably want  User FAQ:  How to install the SDL Libraries on the GP2X.

This page is ambiguous. There are two different reasons you'd want to install SDL libraries - one is for your development environment so that you can build programs that use SDL, the other is that you might need to install some shared libraries to your GP2X in order to run some programs that don't use static linking. The game will say if this is necessary in the installation instructions.


Installing the SDL development libraries (for developers)

Open2x CVS

Only in CVS for now I think.

  • cvs -d login
  • cvs -d co libs-gp2x

The password is blank.


I've made a tarball of the SDL, and some other random libraries at - these are just a quick and dirty build of the pre-release GPH sources, not well tested. The other libraries haven't been optimised for ARM or anything and I hadn't intended to distribute them, but some people seem to find them useful. It's only worth using these until something more official gets released either as part of the Open2x project, devkitPro, or from GPH, or from someone/anyone else :)

Check for some more help, dont have the time to edit the article properly right now.

Installing the dynamic SDL Libraries on the GP2X (for users)

see: User FAQ: How to install the SDL Libraries on the GP2X

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