Knight Lore

Knight Lore
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Developer Digitaljez
Version 1.03
Status Released and playable

Knight Lore is a remake of the ground breaking 1984 game Knight Lore by Ultimate Play The Game, the predecessor of Rare.


How to install

  • Copy the knightlore.gpe file to anywhere on your SD Card


The aim of this game is to supply Melkhior the wizard's cauldron with the 14 items (out of the 28 objects scattered about the castle) it asks for to create a potion that will cure Sabreman of his curse of Lycanthropy.

The game runs for 40 days and 40 nights in speeded up time. Each night your character turns into a werewolf, and each day he turns back into Sabreman. The curse itself plays an important role in gameplay. Certain enemies (including Melkhior's cauldron itself) will attack Sabreman when a werewulf, making the timing of certain actions crucial.

The castle consists of 130 rooms with puzzles to solve and enemies to avoid. You can only carry 3 items, but you can place them wherever you like (with a limit of 2 per room) and you can also use them to help yourself jump higher. There are also 4 extra lives to collect.

Sound and graphics have been considerably enhanced over the original version but still retain the smae look and feel. There is no saving in this game.


  • Stick - Move
  • B - Jump
  • X - Pick Up/Drop
  • A - Jump + Pick Up/Drop
  • R - Rotate Right
  • L - Rotate Left
  • Start - Quit


You can jump higher and further by standing on one of your carried objects and pressing A.

You can find out what ingredient the cauldron requires by visiting it as Sabreman and waiting for the object to appear in a cloud above the cauldron.

Collect as many items as you can and store them in rooms around the cauldron room so that when they are required they are easily available.

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