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Kuru Kuru Kururin
Screenshot of Kurukuru2x
Download (archive)
Developer nickspoon
Version 0.05
Webpage Author's site
Status Playable

Kurukuru2x is an SDL clone of the GBA game Kuru Kuru Kurin.

The idea is to guide your spinning stick around the maze to the goal as quickly as possible without hitting the sides. Every time you hit the sides, you lose a life and gain 3 seconds. Your time is measured in 1/10ths of a second, and the lower your time, the higher up the highscore table you'll be.


  • Menu
    • Stick - Move selector
    • B - Select option
    • Select - Quit to GP2X menu
    • Vol+ - Volume up
    • Vol- - Volume down
    • Start - Save volume setting
  • In-game
    • Stick - Move stick
    • B - Boost
    • Select - Exit to game menu
    • Vol+ - Volume up
    • Vol- - Volume down
  • Level Select
    • Stick - Change level
    • B - Play level
    • Select - Exit to game menu
  • Highscores
    • Stick - Change level
    • Select - Exit to game menu


  • rooster on GP32x.com for kurukuru2x.mod
  • Sonistar on GP32x.com for Space and Water levels, as well as continuing to make levels
  • NoidZ for graphics and first two levels
  • The Mod Archive for valley.mod, menusound.mod and serenity.mod
  • Flite, voice synthesiser engine, for spoon.wav
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