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Developer Ruckage
Version v1.03
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Ruck-Man is a remake of the classic Pac-Man. The aim of this game is to help Ruck-Man to clear the maze of all the pellets but watch out as Sneaky, Bandit, Peppy and Slouch want to stop you.

This game participated in the GBAX 2007 Coding Competition.



  • All new graphics created by Ruckage.
  • All new music composed by Pat Ferguson.
  • New power-ups.
  • 4 gameplay modes (standard, fruit frenzy, panic and classic).
  • 20 mazes.
  • 10 graphic themes.
  • 2 controls mode (normal and memorize).


Simply copy the folder to your SD card and run the "ruckman.gpe" to play.

Control Modes

Control mode that can be found in the options menu.

  • Memorize:
    You only have to tap a direction and as soon as Ruck-man is able to move that way he will.
  • Normal:
    A direction has to be held for ruckman to take a direction.

Game Modes

  • Standard:
    Help Ruck-Man collect all the pellets in the maze to progress to the next level. To help you on your quest there are 5 all new power-ups. Use them wisely.
  • Fruit Frenzy:
    In Fruit Frenzy the aim is eat all the fruit and other items wandering around the maze. Each new level has increasing numbers of items you have to catch and introduces new higher scoring items.
  • Panic:
    This mode takes place on a single maze of your choice. The game starts with one trail of 25 pellets, collect all these and another trail appears. Each time you clear a trail the game speeds up a little bit and gets more difficult. A power pellet will appear in every other trail to help you a little.
  • Classic:
    The classic game you know and love. Basically the same as standard mode but without any of the new power-ups.


In Standard, Fruit frenzy and Panic mode there are some special power-ups available for Ruck-Man to use. A power-up appears at the start of every level or when Ruck-Man loses a life. The Power-up moves around the maze randomly changing at regular intervals.

  • (X) - Rainbow pellets:
    Temporarily transforms all pellets into rainbow pellets which are worth 5X the points.
    (Not available in Fruit Frenzy mode)
  • (B) - Tik-Tok the bomb:
    Summons Tik-Tok to help. Tik-Tok wanders around the maze and detonates when he touches an active ghost. The explosion destroys any ghosts nearby. You earn 500 pts for each ghost caught in the explosion.
  • (C) - Chomp:
    Summons Chomp. Chomp wanders around the maze eating pellets and fruit and scaring any ghost he comes across. Scared ghosts can be eaten as if Ruck-Man had eaten a power Pill.
  • (D) - Money drop:
    Causes a bag of gold to fall on any active ghosts. You receive 200 pts for each ghost squashed plus another 500 pts if you get the bag of gold left behind.
  • (I) - Ice:
    Temporarily freezes all active ghosts in a block of ice. Frozen ghosts can be shattered to earn 1000 pts.


  • Pellet - 10 pts
  • Rainbow Pellet - 50 pts
  • Power Pellet - 50 pts
  • Scared Ghost - 200 pts, 400 pts, 800 pts, 1600 pts
  • Frozen Ghost - 1000 pts
  • Money Bag - 500 pts
  • Fruit etc. - 500-7500 pts


  • v1.03 - 17/07/2007:
    • Added a new control mode that can be found in the options menu. Setting control to 'memorize' means that you only have to tap a direction and as soon as Ruck-man is able to move that way he will. In normal mode a direction has to be held for ruckman to take a direction.
  • v1.02 - 12/07/2007:
    • Music has been improved and is better compressed making the game take up less space. (Thanks Pferguso)
    • Game can now also be controlled by using the A,B,X,Y buttons.
    • When the ghosts re-spawn there is now a delay before they leave the ghost house.
  • v1.00 GBAX 2007 entry - 09/07/2007
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