Frozen Bubble 2x

Frozen Bubble 2x
Screenshot of Frozen Bubble 2x
Download Version for GP2x
Original Developer Official Site
Ported By Yoyo+
Version v0.1
Status Playable

Frozen Bubble 2x is a clone of the arcade game Bust A Move. The goal is to launch coloured bubbles to make disappear that which are already suspended at the top of the screen by associating 3 bubbles of identical colors and all this in an assigned time. Yoyo ported the game under the GPL license Frozen Bubble.

Here is a video of the first level.


The game is really very playable but without 2 player mode, which is work in progress.


  • Download the file and extract the files contained where you wish it on your SD.
  • Launch the game from the file frozen2x.gpe.


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