DeathTrap Remix

DeathTrap Remix
DeathTrap Title.png
Download (archive)
Developer mindlord
Version 1.0
Status Released and playable

DeathTrap Remix is a remake of a classic Color Computer game released by The Rugby Circle in 1983. The premise of the game is simple. Navigate the maze, survive as long as possible, and figure out the way to escape the DeathTrap. Sounds simple enough? There is an Aggressor, a red pulsing square that will track you down and destroy you if you tarry too long, or stand still.

The source code is included in the release since it is very small.

Mindlord considers this release a complete remake of the original at this point. He is not opposed to adding new features like a map editor, skin support, or other more modern idea to the game. That is, if there is enough community interest.


Joystick - change facing

Y - Move Forward

Start - Pause the game (also give the option to quit)

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