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Developer Alex
Version v1.5 Final
Webpage Artraid
Status Playable and released

Airplyr is a complete and colourful air hockey game for the GP2X. Features include quick and tournament game modes, four AI difficulties, many table, puck, and player designs, smooth performance, and great music tracks composed by Tympanic Productions.


Update 1.5 Final

  • fixed colour banding
  • tournament overtimes are sudden death
  • paddle moves fast by default
  • paddle moves with either the joypad or the action buttons
  • enhanced certain visuals
  • fixed a couple of remaining glitches, and optimized things a bit
  • uses less files

NOTE if you are upgrading from a previous version, please delete all files from the previous release before putting this on your SD card, otherwise it will crash.


VOL UP/DOWN - change music volume

SELECT - change music track

Menu Controls

UP/DOWN - change menu selection

B - select option

X - go back (cancel)

Game Controls:

JOYPAD/Action Buttons - move the paddle

L/R + move - move the paddle slower

START - pause the game

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