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Developer Dzz
Version 1.0
Webpage GP2XGamer
Status Released and Playable
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Fully Compatible

Vektar is a game originally coded by Dzz for the Shortly after this time Craig of aquired the rights to create, and distribute, a commercial version of Vektar. This commercial Vektar is available from Vektar is, graphically, based on the Xbox arcade game, Geometry Wars. Dzz based Vektar on Geometry Wars using screen shots he had seen of the game. He had never played Geometry Wars and based the game on what he thought it would play like. The end result was an entirely different, and very popular, homebrew game.

Dzz recently released version 1.0 of the freeware Vektar game. This is the final build and no further updates are planned by Dzz. Craig then took over development and released the commercial game with a lot of new features and levels.Dzz retains the rights to to the freeware build of the game.


  • Stick = Fly
  • B = Fire
  • Y = Shield
  • Select = Audio on/off
  • Start = Pause
  • (on menu:
  • B = Start Game
  • X = Quit )

You can help by:

  • Adding installation instructions
  • Checking over the history of the game
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