Plasma Defence Commander

Plasma Defence Commander
Title Screen
Download (archive)
Developer Andrew Williams
Version 0.60b
Webpage Author's Site
Status Released and Playable

Plasma Defence Commander is an action game where you use a plasma cannon to defend your city. Your mayor needs you! The source code of the game is provided in the file.



  1. Download the file and extract the file contained to where you want it on your SD card.
  2. Install, if that were not done yet, the SDL libraries.
  3. Launch the game from the file pdclauncher.gpe.


L or R Turn the plasma cannon. It can take a while for the gun to reload, so don't miss! :)


  • You can change the sound and graphics of the game by modifying the bmp or wav files.


The application is written in C++. It uses mikmod for sound, SDL for events, its own library for fixed width fonts and animated sprites. The source is decently documented and of managable size.

The source is included.


Screenshot of Plasma Defence Commander
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