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Original Developer Ben and Aaron Bishop
Ported By rixed
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Status Released and playable
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Egoboo2x is a 3D dungeon crawler game, similar to Nethack. It is also the first OpenGL game on the gp2x! Source can be downloaded here.



The original Egoboo2x contained thousands of files effectively wasting a lot of SD-card space within the filesystem. This issue was adressed by vimacs when he released a patched version which uses a cramfs loopfile to store all data files needed (a technique created by Orkie for storing firmware files in Open2x).

Compared to the PC version, this GP2X version has most visual effects compiled out, sometimes because of the CPU cost, sometimes because the gpu940 OpenGL layer doesn't allow the effects. The revised version however readded some lighting effects.

The GP2X version also add a few bugs

  • I removed the Z test for tile rendering, because it was unnecessary most of the time. Sometimes it's not.
  • Some blending effects are not correct due to the present limitation of gpu940 renderer (may change in a near future)
  • Last but not least : Egoboo may crash after a few seconds/minutes of play. If it happen to you, you are out of luck : use gpu940_225 instead of gpu940 (see egoboo.gpe), which is a version of gpu940 limited to 225MHz. That should solve the problem.

A word of caution

This is not because Egoboo was ported to the GP2X using this library that any openGl app can be ported. Egoboo, although visually more impressive than the average open source game, was coded with performances in mind from the start. This is not true, by far, of all open source games. Please keep in mind if you try to port other games that it will requires some works, cutting off features and rewriting some code.

Anyway, gpu940 and the OpenGL layer can be improved and certainly will be. Wait and see.


  • original Egoboo2x release
  • revised version added lighting and was generally a lot faster
  • vimacs' patched version added cramfs loopfile handling remedying the "lots-of-files" issue
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