Gpu940 is a soft 3D renderer that can do many rendering types, including true perspective texture mapping/lighting. The software is designed to operate as a separate process. It's mainly targeted at GPH's GP2X ( but can be used on other platforms as well.

Commands are sent to the "GPU" using a cyclic buffer. On PC, this buffer is mmapped and shared by the "GPU" and the client.

The GPU performs clipping, projection and drawing. Geometry can be drawn onto as many video buffers as you need (not limited to 2). Textures and Z-buffers are like video buffers, so that any texture or z-buffer can be drawed onto, and that any previous video buffer can serve as a texture or z-buffer.

It is developed by rixed with some work by Zodttd.

The sourcecode can be viewed at

Two programs using the Gpu940 renderer are an Egoboo2x port and the Code Alone demo.


The current roadmap is as follows:

  • Complete the documentation
  • Implement some missing features in the OpenGl layer
  • Improve Egoboo2x speed and add the lighing effects
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