Developer Azmodean porting, originally written by Stephen Sweeney and Richard Sweeney of Parallel Realities
Version 0.5
Webpage none
Status 75% The game is completely playable, but it needs a scaling fix (see main article)

 Controls (In Menu)
Button Action
Button joystick.gif Navigate the main menu
Button b.gif Select an option
 Controls (In Cutscenes)
Button Action
Button b.gif Advance dialog
Button y.gif Skip cutscene
 Controls (Ingame)
Button Action
Button b.gif Fire main weapon
Button x.gif Fire secondary weapon
Button a.gif Toggle weapon mode
Button y.gif Toggle enemy radar
Button joystick.gif accelerate in direction indicated
Button start.gif pause

Starfighter-gp2x is a GP2X port of Project:Starfighter, a SDL game by Stephen Sweeney and Richard Sweeney of Parallel Realities.


Starfighter-gp2x is a side-scrolling shooter with a twist, it couples traditional side-scrolling maneuvering with a free-range level design which makes it play more like an asteroids-style game, but without the rotation. As the game progresses the player can upgrade his ship with more powerful primary and secondary weapons. Also, the player acquires some wingmates which help out along the way.

Status of Port

The game really needs all of its art hand-reduced to either 640x480 or 320x240 scale and some adjustments to the engine to match. As it is it is playable but a little slow (probably about 60-75% speed) and there are visible downsampling artifacts since it is being pulled down from 800x600 to 320x640. I could make the engine adjustments, but I have no idea how to go about resizing the art assets, so I've posted the source also at,0,0,0,27,2320 so if someone does want to make the adjustments they can get a head start by using my existing porting efforts.

Installation (Not yet available)

  1. Download the Starfighter-gp2x zip file
  2. Extract the zip file to somewhere on your computer
  3. Copy the "Starfighter-gp2x" folder to anywhere on your SD card, or your GP2X's NAND flash memory
  4. Launch "Starfighter-gp2x.gpe" to play the game
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